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At the turn of the new century, Millennium Knitting was established by a group of experienced and educated textile experts. Equipped with quality European machineries, with an initial production capacity of 25,000 lbs per day, MillKnit established itself as a premier Commission Knitter in California.

What sets MillKnit apart is its dedication to an efficient process in commission knitting. In order to reduce pressure on the supply chain and to assure quality, MillKnit not only provides top notch knitting, but can also supply the highest quality of select tested yarn.

Today Millennium Knitting, takes immense pride in supplying its customers with the unparalleled quality, competitive price, excellent customer service and fast delivery.

MillKnit continues to update its machinery with the latest market demand and specs. Our plant that consists of more than 40,000 sq feet, provide ample space for yarn storage, and is equipped with raised loading and unloading ducks for efficient shipping and receiving.